Zenith Gymnastics

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Many of you know that I have been shooting swimming for years and every once in a while I get to shoot other sports – soccer, baseball, horse racing, etc.  This past week I got to shoot some amazing gymnasts! … Continue reading

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Shooting at the Rochester Public Market

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There are few things that I love to do more than spend time with Kris and our cameras!  This morning we made our way up to Rochester to meet with a couple of friends from my years at Kodak, Ken … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung and the first wedding of the year is done!

Scott Slattery Photography


Like most people, I look forward to spring with enthusiasm!  Looking for those first flower blooms, kids running around in shorts (who cares that it’s only 50 some degrees out… after months of 20’s it feels like 80!), people washing their cars in the driveway, trees budding, and the grass turning back to green.  Getting out my golf clubs and going out to hit some balls.  Wish Dad was here.

He was always jones-ing to get out on the course, too.  Now would be the time for getting things ready in the garden so that he and Mom could get things planted as soon as possible.  He always had a bunch of tomato plants going!

When I first saw sprouts coming up next to the house I immediately recognized them as crocuses.  Each day I went out to see if they were blooming yet.  Last week they finally did!  A gorgeous purple, too!  This afternoon I went out and shot this picture with my macro lens.  Now it feels like spring!

Kris and I shot our first wedding of the year last Friday night!  Julie and Mike’s wedding and reception was held at Lakeshore Country Club in Greece, NY.  I shot Julie’s daughter

Scott Slattery Photography

Julie and Mike getting announced into their reception!

Sarah’s wedding a year and a half ago and I was so pleased that Julie called me when she and Mike were making their plans!  It’s always nice to photograph a wedding where there are a lot of familiar faces!

It wasn’t the best day for a wedding as the temperature was in the 20’s again and it was snowing pretty hard at times.  We drove up 390 in the afternoon and there were times when visibility was a tenth of a mile or less!  No outdoor pics for this wedding.  Too cold, too windy, and, being a few days before the time change, too dark!  We had plenty of fun inside and only the smokers in the crowd had to suffer outside!

Kris and I showed up a couple hours before the wedding to shoot details and such.  While it was still light out I went outside to shoot a little bit.  Julie is an avid golfer also and I knew that she would appreciate a few shots from the course.  Like I said, cold and windy! While I was out there I was surprised to see a guy hitting balls off the tenth tee – totally hard core – and a little bit nuts!

So, we had a great night with good friends, drove home (with some Tim Horton’s coffee), and recovered on Saturday.  Then today it’s back into the 60’s and gorgeous out again!

I’m looking forward to getting the garage wiring finished this week and doing some cleaning up in preparations for setting up the studio so I can get shooting some senior portrait models!  Look for some of those to be posted soon!

Have a great week, everybody!

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Musings of a sub…

The winter months for a wedding photographer can be a bit boring… It’s a time to catch up on work, make books, do the books, work on portfolio, do the odd photoshoot, and generally get recharged and ready for the wedding and senior portrait season to come!

So, to fill some of my time this year, I decided to do some substitute teaching!  I had taught physics labs at SUNY College at Brockport a bunch of times already and, with the experiences I have had with tutoring students, I know that I enjoy teaching.  I figured that it would be fun to keep my hand in things!

I applied at Arkport Central Schools in September.  A few former colleagues wrote letters of recommendation for me and I had to go get fingerprinted for the school system.  In November I received my first call to come in to sub!

The first few times were interesting as there is only on-the-job training and I offered to sub wherever they needed my rather than just the sciences.  I started coming in as a teachers aide for special needs – these are 7th and 8th grade kids that need help with reading or math or whatever.  The kids have a lot of behavior problems but for the most part they are pretty good kids.

The second time I was called in I was assigned to be a gym teacher for the day.  It was pretty cool!  The only weird thing that happened for the day was refereeing what they called puffball.  It’s floor hockey for 3rd and 4th graders.  They don’t quite have the coordination to have hockey sticks without causing major physics and emotional damage on each other!  Anyway, one of the boys obviously had some experience playing soccer and decided to slide tackle a few others in the corner.  I blew my whistle and told him to go sit in the penalty box (the stage actually) for two minutes.  He started crying!  What do you do with an 8 year old crying?!?  I let him out of the box after one minute and all was forgiven!

Subbing is fun and the kids are pretty great.  Of course, walking to school is convenient too!

Tonight is a photoshoot with HAST (Hilton Area Swim Team) and then the first wedding of the season with Julie and Michael!  It’s going to be a busy week!

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Camera in the kitchen? Yes!

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  Making some sauce today for Kris and I to eat for supper!  Campari tomatoes and spices cooked down into a totally yummy sauce together with mini meatballs made with 95% lean hamburger.  More of a soup than meatballs and … Continue reading

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Traveling With My Baby and iPhone Adventures…

Kris and I needed a day out shooting in the worst way!  It’s been a while since we went out traveling, looking for places and things to make great images!  Kris suggested that we make the drive down to the Grand Canyon… of Pennsylvania.  Much shorter drive than it would have been to the real Grand Canyon (but we’ll get there, too!)

The drive down to Wellsboro, PA is about an hour and a half.  After stopping by Kris’ Mom’s house on the way to drop off some food (they’re all sick there!), we made our way down the road.  We didn’t get very far before we saw this awesome little building sitting atop a hill in the middle of the field!

Lonely House

Lonely House

We made a few images here and then took off down the winding road… and I do mean winding!  I love to drive on back roads that make driving fun!

One thing that you notice driving through these roads and small towns is the contrast of living conditions.  There are big houses up on the hillside with wrap around porches and long driveways.  Then a half mile down the road is a small shack with peeling paint, old farm implements, and trash all around it.  And then you realize that someone lives there…

And what do these people do for work?  There is no industry here, and very few businesses that are even open at all.  Makes us wonder and makes us thankful for what we have.

We made it to Wellsboro and drove around to the East Rim of the canyon.  It’s pretty impressive – not like the Grand Canyon, but pretty nice.  We’ll come back here next fall for some great foliage pics but right now it’s pretty desolate.  When we pulled into the parking lot I happened to look up through the trees and saw to eagles flying by!  I was hoping to see them come soaring down the valley but they never made a showing.  It was pretty cool to see them in the first place though!

There’s still some ice and snow in spots so walking through the parking and then down the steps to the edge of the canyon was a little treacherous in places!  Kris picked a spot to shoot from and I continued on down to the end of the trail.  At the bottom is a small platform, about 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide with a very substantial fence all the way around.  To top it all off, the entire platform was covered with a layer of ice!  Pretty nice view, but nothing to get me very excited about.

As I was standing there, hoping that the eagles would make a showing, a number of people came down to see the view also.  A couple with their dog… A family of eight all oohing and aching… and then these four guys!  They were just having a good time and talking it up.  Sounded to me like they had been traveling for a bit and hitting some sights.

One of the guys is holding his iPhone and trying to take a picture into the sun.  He said, “Well, that’s not going to work!”  I told him that he might be able to get a shot if he shielded the sun with one hand.  I turned around, still looking for the eagles.  Then I heard him say “Oops!”  I turned back around and he’s looking over the edge of the railing.  One of the other guys says, “I hope you have good insurance!”  He had dropped his iPhone  and, with an unlucky bounce, it hopped through the rail and over the edge.  I looked down and there it was, about 15 feet down.

Now, you hear about people at Niagara Falls and other places like this going over the edge for keys, cameras, phones, whatever.  Sometimes it doesn’t end well to say the least! The next thing I know, one of the guys is already over the railing and making his way down the hill!

He slowly made his way down to the phone – the way he was going I was sure that it was a lot steeper than I thought it was.  Inching his way down he got to within about 3 feet of the phone and used a stick to drag it to him.  Tucked the phone in his pocket and slowly climbed back up.

Scary thing!

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Scott Slattery Photogrpahy

All 4 Guys

And here’s a shot of the four of them together with the rescued phone!

All in all it was a pretty good day and we’re glad that everything ended well with the phone!

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Arkport Fire Department Rescues Cat From Hypothermia!

On February 8th, at approximately 9:00 pm, while sitting comfortably in their new (to them) home, Eric raises the question, “Where’s Riley?”  Yes, Riley… one of our two rag doll cats.  Fuzzy little urchin who likes to leave fur everywhere, chase Kris down the stairs, splash water all over the floor, and generally lay about.

I thought for a long minute – I had been at home all day that day getting things done around the house, unpacking boxes and the like.  Max, our other rag doll, had been especially attentive.  Every chance he had he followed me around and jumped into my lap.  But I didn’t remember seeing Riley.  Kris said, “I haven’t seen him… and he didn’t try to trip me on the stairs this morning either!”

At this point the kids are getting anxious.  “Where’s Riley?!?  Here Riley!  Here boy!  Where are you?”  Up the stairs, searching every nook and cranny in the house.  Down to the basement, in all the cupboards, behind all the doors.  No Riley.  Not a peep.

Riley had tried to rush out the door by Kris a few days prior and she hurt her back catching the little brat and sending him back inside.  Maybe he got out?  Shane and I had taken the old water heater out the day before… maybe he scooted out and we missed him?

Ok, it’s 9:30.  It’s 20 something degrees outside.  It’s dark.  The wind is blowing.  But here we go, outside to look for the cat!  The backyard is fenced in but that probably wouldn’t matter much to a cat.  Oh, and Riley is blind, or nearly so.  He has all his claws but has never been outside before.  And we’ve only been in the new house for a month.  Good luck!

After checking the backyard pretty thoroughly, and the garage, and the deck around the pool, I go out to the front of the house and Shane (wearing a strap-on headlamp) says to me, “Come here and tell me if I’m crazy!”  He shines the light up to the top of the front porch, to the roof, to the chimney… and there is Riley… on top of the chimney!  35 feet up, at least!  I yelled up, “Riley!”  He looks down and gives the most pitiful “Mmmmmrrrrroooowwwwww!”  Poor buddy!  He’s probably been outside for 24 hours or so and found the warm spot on the top of the chimney to wait it out!

Now I start thinking… How am I going to get him down?!?  I don’t have a ladder.  There’s snow on the roof and it’s a pretty steep pitch.  I’m not good with heights at all.  I’m certainly not going to suggest letting Shane climb up there – he’ll kill himself trying to get the cat and Kris would be sad…

So, we jumped in the car thinking to run by the fire house just in case someone was there.  They weren’t.  Ok, go by Cy’s, the local grocery store to see if anyone knows a fireman.  They’re closed.  Gas station?  Kid working there lives in Hornell and doesn’t know anyone.

Kris calls up our friend, Patty, to see if she knows anyone.  Patty said that she knows Colene Hulbert’s phone number!  Colene’s husband is Dan, the Fire Chief!  Awesome!  So, Kris calls and talks to Colene for a minute and then to Dan.  Dan said that he would be right down!  Turns out that they haven’t ever rescued a cat before!  Could that cliche be wrong?!?

Dan pulled in front of the house a few minutes later with Colene.  After a few minutes of looking at the situation and hearing Riley’s “Mmmmmrrrrroooowwwwww!”, Dan was on the phone.  Ten minutes later up pulls a fire truck with Dwight Smith and Matt Howe and one other woman that I’m sorry to say we don’t know.

Out came the ladders!  Up the ladder went Matt!  Then Dwight passed up a roof ladder and Matt climbed that to the peak and grabbed Riley!  He tucked him into his fireman’s coat and started down.  Handed Riley off to Dwight and then to Kris!  Saved!

Matt wanted a picture with Riley so we all went in the house and made a few shots!

We want to thank Matt, Dwight, Colene, Dan and the rest of the Arkport Hose Company #1 for their help in rescuing Riley!  And also for thinking ahead and not sending it out over the airwaves for all to hear!  It’s really great that these people would take time out of their nights to come help us out and we really appreciate it!

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