Musings of a sub…

The winter months for a wedding photographer can be a bit boring… It’s a time to catch up on work, make books, do the books, work on portfolio, do the odd photoshoot, and generally get recharged and ready for the wedding and senior portrait season to come!

So, to fill some of my time this year, I decided to do some substitute teaching!  I had taught physics labs at SUNY College at Brockport a bunch of times already and, with the experiences I have had with tutoring students, I know that I enjoy teaching.  I figured that it would be fun to keep my hand in things!

I applied at Arkport Central Schools in September.  A few former colleagues wrote letters of recommendation for me and I had to go get fingerprinted for the school system.  In November I received my first call to come in to sub!

The first few times were interesting as there is only on-the-job training and I offered to sub wherever they needed my rather than just the sciences.  I started coming in as a teachers aide for special needs – these are 7th and 8th grade kids that need help with reading or math or whatever.  The kids have a lot of behavior problems but for the most part they are pretty good kids.

The second time I was called in I was assigned to be a gym teacher for the day.  It was pretty cool!  The only weird thing that happened for the day was refereeing what they called puffball.  It’s floor hockey for 3rd and 4th graders.  They don’t quite have the coordination to have hockey sticks without causing major physics and emotional damage on each other!  Anyway, one of the boys obviously had some experience playing soccer and decided to slide tackle a few others in the corner.  I blew my whistle and told him to go sit in the penalty box (the stage actually) for two minutes.  He started crying!  What do you do with an 8 year old crying?!?  I let him out of the box after one minute and all was forgiven!

Subbing is fun and the kids are pretty great.  Of course, walking to school is convenient too!

Tonight is a photoshoot with HAST (Hilton Area Swim Team) and then the first wedding of the season with Julie and Michael!  It’s going to be a busy week!


About Scott Slattery Photography

I am a wedding and portrait photographer. Actually, I will pretty much photograph anything! Sports, nature, wildlife, babies, toddlers, kids, parents, trees, houses, buildings. Whatever! I just have lots of fun doing it and even more fun sharing my images!
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