Camera in the kitchen? Yes!


Making some sauce today for Kris and I to eat for supper!  Campari tomatoes and spices cooked down into a totally yummy sauce together with mini meatballs made with 95% lean hamburger.  More of a soup than meatballs and sauce but absolutely delicious!

The tomatoes smelled so good that I decided to have a beefeater for lunch complete with spices and basil along with my chicken portion.  Very good and very filling!

While I was doing all that I thought that I would make some images and play around a bit.  Nikon D3, 200 ISO, with my 50mm f1.4 lens, and one off-camera SB-800 flash.  I played around a bit with flash power and aperture but kept the shutter speed at 1/200 s to minimize camera shake as I was shooting one handed at times and holding the flash with the other!

Have a good one!


About Scott Slattery Photography

I am a wedding and portrait photographer. Actually, I will pretty much photograph anything! Sports, nature, wildlife, babies, toddlers, kids, parents, trees, houses, buildings. Whatever! I just have lots of fun doing it and even more fun sharing my images!
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2 Responses to Camera in the kitchen? Yes!

  1. Kris Jacobs says:

    Mmmmm, it was delicious! A photographer AND a great cook! I’ve totally got it made!

  2. I’m more cook than photographer. Luckily I have an easy to use camera. It’s all I can do to keep from steaming up the lens. Your foodography is really great!

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