Photoplus Expo in NYC!

Kris, Shane, and I made it down to New York City this past weekend for a few days anyway before beating it out of there just ahead of the Nor’easter that blew through leaving snow and cancelled trains in it’s wake! Drove down on Thursday night and stayed in the Super 8 hotel in Newburg, NY. We’ve stayed there before – it’s convenient to the Beacon train station. We grab the train there and take it straight in to Grand Central Station where we can catch the subway to anywhere! Having the MTA app on my iPhone helps a ton as I can get the up-to-date schedules at all times and even track where the train is at any given time! That, together with the subway and city map apps and we can get where we want to go relatively easily.

The original plan was to go Thursday and come back on Sunday but the storm shot those plans. So Friday we went to the two photographic Mecca’s in NYC, namely Adorama and B & H Photo, first. They are both closed on Saturdays (the Jewish Sabbath) so we weren’t going to get any other day to go visit. Fun places to go and drool alot over all the equipment!

From there we made our way to the Expo and spent the afternoon walking around and running into a bunch of people that I see on Facebook quite often but that I only see in person every year or so! So I ran in to Karen Lenz, a wonderful woman that I originally met at Santa Fe Workshops a bunch of years back. She was hanging out with Nick Rapaz who also worked in Santa Fe but then was an assistant to Platon, a pretty famous photog in NYC! Good peoples!

Next was Bobbi Lane, another great photographer from Connecticut. Bobbi teaches photography all over the place and someday I’ll make it to one of her classes! I promise!

Ran in to Dave at the Wescott booth while he was chatting it up with Jim Schmelzer, a terrific photographer from Detriot – watched a bunch of his videos on Kelby Training. So cool to run into people from all over the place!

Greg Heisler was talking at the Canon show booth. Didn’t get a chance to talk but it’s nice to see how well he’s doing. I took a week long class from him at Santa Fe on lighting and he was just a great guy. Wouldn’t ever know that he has had numerous cover shots for Time Magazine and shot everyone from both President Bush’s to Gorbachev to Bono!

We stopped in at the Adorama booth to see Jeff Snyder and put in a small order there! Jeff is a great photographer and works for Adorama also. Whenever I need anything I call him and I have it in my hands in days. Customer service to the hilt!

Last, but not least, was Dan Milnor. I missed seeing Dan the last time I was in NY and, as he’s based in LA, I don’t see him much. My first workshop at Santa Fe was with Dan and he was a great influence on how I saw the business of wedding photography. We got a chance to talk for a few minutes before he was caught up in his gig with Blurb. It was great to see him though!

After the expo we walked a few blocks to the Skylight Diner for dinner. Great place! Everytime I’m in the area I stop in to eat. The food is wonderful and reasonable priced for New York! Shane had a philly cheese steak (go figure…), Kris had chicken marsala that was pretty good, and I had a spinach cheese ravioli in plum tomato sauce that was awesome!

Then it was on to Time Square for some sightseeing, Central Park to shoot, and, of course we had to stop at the Apple Store! We were all pretty wiped out from a long day and decided to catch the subway to the train to the hotel and come back the next day. That was before we saw the weather report calling for 2-10 inches of snow and 35-55 mph winds! We decided right there to head home in the morning rather than take the chance of getting stuck in the city!

We did go back out to Beacon train station about midnight to shoot a bit but a boat going through the river ruined much of what I had seen in my mind!

All in all it was a fun day in NYC… can’t wait to go again though!


About Scott Slattery Photography

I am a wedding and portrait photographer. Actually, I will pretty much photograph anything! Sports, nature, wildlife, babies, toddlers, kids, parents, trees, houses, buildings. Whatever! I just have lots of fun doing it and even more fun sharing my images!
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3 Responses to Photoplus Expo in NYC!

  1. helenoster says:

    Hi Scott

    Sounds like you had a blast in NYC. I’ve copied your blog over to Jeff in case he hasn’t caught it, yet – I know he’ll be delighted by your comments!

    And next time you come to NYC? Yes, you better stay a bit longer!

    BTW if you ever need after-sales support with any purchase from Adorama, you are most welcome to email me directly:

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  2. Kris Jacobs says:

    This was my third trip to NYC with Scott and I was thrilled to actually go into the Adorama store that I had only visited virtually before. Totally cool and what awesome people within! I accidentally left my brand new iPhone in the ladies room and discovered it wasn’t in my pocket nearly two blocks away. Thankfully, some kind-hearted person turned it into customer service and as I headed back to the store on a dead run on Shane’s heals, Scott reached a gentleman in Customer Service when he called my phone…

    This was my 2nd year at the expo (last year I bought my D7 while there from Midwest Photo), was great meeting those I hadn’t met last time and was able to visit a bit with Joe Brady. He’s such a great guy and we are hoping to catch him at Photo Northeast!

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